About Ellie Kai

Ellie Kai is a company about designing clothes with the advice and input of real women looking to define their own style.

Liz Hostetter is the founder and creator. She headed to Fiji in 1995 to volunteer and began what would be a life abroad. After studying and working in Paris and London, she has found her new home in Hong Kong where she currently lives with her husband and three children.

The idea of Ellie Kai originated one summer when Liz returned home to Cape Cod with clothes she had custom designed for herself. Friends loved what she had shortlisted for essential summer pieces and were fascinated by the opportunity of 'being your own designer.' It became clear that most women have strong ideas of what they would like to wear and, given the platform, they love to share their opinions.

Women were as excited about giving design direction as they were the opportunity to sell the clothes. The concept of a direct sales clothing company inspired by the very women who buy and sell it (aka Partners in Design) was born.


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