Community-based awareness, local and global.

Ellie Kai incorporates ethical practices in all we do – from how we operate, to how we manufacture, to how we treat our global employees. It is a brand tenet that ensures the clothing that is made for you is not at the cost of something else.  Since we are a global company, we are lucky to not only have the inspiration, but also the sourcing of many cultures and communities.  The fabrics, print-making, and manufacturing expertise in southern China has been personally tapped by our founder  Liz. Under her leadership, we have been able to open our own ethically-monitored tailor shop where all Ellie Kai clothing is made. The result is a healthy work environment, fair wage, and training that promotes opportunities for local skilled seamstresses and their families; something we are proud to support and invest in. Read about Ellie Kai philanthropy


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