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is not just about selling clothes, it’s about helping women discover and curate their own personal collection of foundational pieces that transition effortlessly across season.

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Choosing from a range of flattering silhouettes, fabrics and color choices, Style Consultants work with clients to create personalized wardrobes that fit the lifestyles of their clients. Not only do Style Consultants find this a fun, creative experience, they also describe it as incredibly satisfying to see clients happy and empowered with the results.

It’s about the connection and positive impact they have on their clients’ lives.


  • Become a part of an amazing team. Ellie Kai is both a tight- knit community and a cutting-edge company, disrupting the landscape with its proprietary made-to-order production model.
  • Drive your own career growth and earning potential. The exibility that comes along with being an Ellie Kai Style Consultant allows you to maintain your daily schedule and busy lifestyle, while simultaneously building a fun and rewarding business.
  • Be supported and inspired by women from across the country (and around the globe)—Ellie Kai is a women-for- women business.
  • Gain access to a portfolio of globally-inspired and ethically manufactured clothing and accessories, all developed using a thoughtful and detailed design approach.
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  • Style Consultants ensure that their clients enjoy a highly personalized, social shopping experience by working with them at Styling Session events and personal appointments.
  • Style Consultants manage and oversee all aspects of Styling Sessions—from Hostess communications, to helping clients identify silhouettes, fabric colors and prints, to post- purchase follow-up. As an Ellie Kai Style Consultant, you are the brand’s personal connection to our customer base.
  • Season to season, Style Consultants work with clients in many capacities, from Styling Sessions and personal appointments to quick phone, text, and email check-ins about new styles or orders placed. Style Consultants cultivate long-term relationships with their clients, a dynamic that is meaningful and rewarding to both Style Consultants and clients alike.
  • Earning potential is what you make of it! In addition to clothing credits and discounts, Ellie Kai Style Consultants earn between 15-25% of their client sales. Style Consultants also have the ability to increase earning potential by utilizing their coaching skills to build a team.
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