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the EK edit

the EK edit

bts-- the making of 'fall'

bts-- the making of 'fall'

There are a lot of things that happen behind the scenes before we launch a season on, and to our incredible Style Consultants across the country. And what's cooler than a glimpse behind the scenes at the ‘making of our Fall collection’?!

Here's a sneak peak from the vantage point of a recent NYC photo-shoot. (Not pictured- copious snacks, coffees and Duane Reade jeggings...)

We pack a lot into our photoshoots, which mean they need to start early in the day! At our recent shoot in Brooklyn, we caught the sunrise from the studio window. 

After hair and make-up are done, and models are styled, a quick lighting check with the photographer lets us know that we are right on track. 

Throughout the course of a day, we try and shoot between 15-20 looks. It keeps us all... busy! 

The end of a day? A quick scroll through images, and intention setting for the day ahead. 

But don't forget! Just because we're shooting a new season doesn't mean other work stops! Pictured here? Dinner and drawing-- prototyping fixtures for future seasons. (On an order-pad, of course!)

Want even more snapshots from behind-the-scenes? Follow along @Ellie_Kai.  

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