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get a leg up... with leggings

get a leg up... with leggings

Historically, leggings have received a bad rap with the Fashion Police, and undeservedly so- they can be an essential staple of within your winter wardrobe. Pair them with the right tops and accessories and you have go-to outfits for any occasion. To bring leggings back into your style arsenal, follow some simple dos and don’ts...

5 Common Legging Missteps 

  1. Thinking They are Pants

The material from which leggings are made should be thick enough that you can’t see your skin through them. If they are not, they are too thin or they may be masquerading tights, and tights are definitely not pants... 

  1. Snug Top and Bottom

Getting the balance and layering right are key to wearing leggings well. Don’t try to match leggings with tight or cropped tops; the looser or roomier, the better to play off of the fitted nature of the bottoms. 

  1. How Low You Should Go

Length of the top is important. A good guide is to strive for the mid-thigh length, or if you must go shorter, right below the hip, still providing the right amount of tush coverage.

  1. All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

We’ve all witnessed them – leggings that harken back to Studio 54 days, those shiny metallic numbers. Leave the high gloss at home and opt for opaque, low-key versions of the look.

  1. Leave the Workout at the Gym

While we do love the altheisure trend, life shouldn’t be all workout and no play, so why dress like it is?

You don’t have to be a supermodel or A-list celebrity to pull off the leggings look – all body types can look good in them-- no matter the occasion. While basic black is always in style, be adventurous! Experiment with rich textures (think velvet), colors (red is especially hot this season) and patterns (camouflage is back).

  • Casual -- Some of the great ways to wear them for everyday chic are in combination with a shirtdress, a long sweater or a skirt (some even have skirts built in). A tunic top is another popular option, like the Zadie by Ellie Kai.
  • Business – Pairing leggings with a long jacket and stylish boots or heels is a great look for the office. Go easy in the jewelry department; less is more.
  • Dressy – Consider stirrup leggings or those with a leg-lengthening seam down the front for a different look. The key to upgrading your leggings is incorporating killer accessories. A chunky bangle, drop earrings and sling-back pumps can transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

However you choose to mix it up, you can wear your leggings with confidence and embrace one of the season’s must-have fashion items.

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