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the EK edit

the EK edit

what's in an [Ellie Kai] name?

what's in an [Ellie Kai] name?

Names mean a lot to us here at Ellie Kai! Often times, products are named for family members, friends and individuals who have positively impacted our lives, and our business.

The Blake, for example, was named for an outstanding woman, Blake, who is a tried-and-true bestie. Bestie Blake has dedicated her life to environmental education; she is currently living on the plains, and we're pretty sure she doesn't even know this top was named for her! 

The Linda, was named for Liz's Aunt, Linda. Linda is Priscilla's twin sister. (And yes, we have a style named for Priscilla, too!) 

The Livie was named for a childhood friend, Olivia. We knew this was going to be a favorite for 2017, so we chose a name we wouldn't mind saying... often! 

And last but not least, did you know where the name Ellie Kai came from?!

"Ellie" comes from an affectionate nickname Liz received while working with children during her time with the Red Cross. The word "Kai" signifies power, victory and water. So when put together, "Ellie Kai" creates a strong, beautiful female role model, to inspire and nurture us all. 

Stay tuned into the EK Edit as we begin to unveil names for our Fall collection...!

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