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the EK edit

the EK edit

why made-to-order matters

why made-to-order matters

Over the past several years, a lot of information has surfaced about garment manufacturing. Conventional textile manufacturing can be tough, on both people and the planet. Which is why at Ellie Kai, we stand behind our unique Made-to-Order (MTO) production process that prioritizes both. 

In staying true to our ethics, Ellie Kai was founded on a Made-to-Order model that was designed to be both ethical and sustainable. By batching orders, like-garments are cut together, allowing us to minimize waste. And by supporting and empowering our team on the ground, the same production team that supported Ellie Kai from the very beginning, we’ve continually maintained high-standards in our workplace(s).

Lastly, everyone is talking about fast fashion, low-priced items that are quickly cranked out of factories, and our version of ‘fast fashion’ is anything but. At Ellie Kai, we find efficiencies in just-in-time manufacturing, so your garments can quickly, sustainably and ethically be delivered to your door ~3 weeks from placing an order. This is what we call 'fast' fashion, without the baggage. (Fast because it makes it to your door, quickly!)

Want to read more about our production? Fast Company recently highlighted us for our thoughtful approach to manufacturing [with love] in China. And! Keep a close eye to The EK Edit as we delve more into all things Ellie Kai. 

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