Ellie Kai, in your home.

Want to bring one of the most leading edge clothing concepts to you and your friends? Not your average trunk show, Ellie Kai is a brand about designing clothes with the advice and input of real women looking to define their own style. Hosting an Ellie Kai trunk show allows you to create one of the most unique showrooms… in your living room. Partnered with your local Consultant, you’ll have access to the entire Ellie Kai sample set where you and your circle will have the opportunity to shop (and try on!) silhouettes and create distinct looks via Ellie Kai prints and fabrics.

The additional benefits are many. Becoming an Ellie Kai hostess gives you access to Ellie Kai clothing credits (up to 10% of show sales) towards your own personal designs. And since we are a company committed to supporting educational opportunities to young women within the US and domestically, Ellie Kai offers the opportunity for hostesses to translate their clothing credits into donations towards similar charitable organizations. Inquire about becoming a hostess.

Welcome to ELLIE KAI